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    We are SlickApps

    And we will craft the perfect app for your venue
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About us.

We are a development agency that specialises in building high-quality, customised applications for exclusive clients.

Our flagship service allows venues like concert halls and stadiums to offer the full power of digitalisation to their customers. Simply put, your customers will be able to buy tickets, navigate your venue, order food or drinks and call a ride home directly from their phone. All of this from a beautiful app that matches your brand and logos perfectly.

Depending on your needs, we can also develop unique features to fit your venue. Be it an advanced security and geolocation system, live streaming of events, or a live communications service. No feature is too big !

Custom design

Our design team matches your colors and values in order to provide the integral experience to your venue. A great looking app means that your customer will be more happy to buy from you, and will also increase the goodwill towards your brand. Build customer loyalty one order at a time !

Stable and secure

We have refined our paying and ordering systems to handle a large number of concurrent orders, day and night. Our goal is to make sure that every single one of your client that orders something gets it, and enjoys the process. Rush hour? We love it !

Fast delivery

We chose a boutique approach to programming. Our dev team size is modest but agile. That means we can come up with mockups fast and iterate based on your feedback. Also, our in-house “skip the queue” system has been tested and refined over several years, and could be implemented in your venue in a matter of days !

Turnkey solution

Your app will be ready to serve your customers from day one. Our team comes on-site to setup everything for you. Depending on your request, we can either provide an app to manage your orders or simply integrate with your current systems. You don't even need to read the manual !

Streamline everything

Our integrated ordering and payment systems means your customer will never queue again. They can order food, drinks or any item easily at your venue. Items can be delivered at their seat or your customers can come pick it up at the counter. No more half-time drama, no more missed songs :) Hassle free !

24/7 uptime

We offer a monthly service that takes care of whatever you want to change and ensures everything goes smoothly. Our team is able to respond to emergencies as well as develop additional custom features just for you. If you need us, we'll be there !


Orders processed

And as many happy customers



And you could be the next one


Unique modules

For you to choose from


Faster orders

And a much more streamlined process

How it works

We make the process as short and sweet as possible.

Get started

We come for free on-site. We visit your venue and discuss with you the ways we can supercharge the service to your customers.

Let us do the work

We build a custom app just for you, based on your specifications. We take care of all the technical aspects, including publishing to app stores.

We deliver

That's it - your customers are ready to enjoy your new service. You just have to let them know there's a new cool app they can use !

Keep in touch

Once the service is live, we make sure it runs smoothly 24/7. Over time you will probably want to add new features to your app. We'll still be there for you ;)


We can schedule a call and discuss whether we would be a good fit for each other.

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